Hi, I'm Will

Based in England with more than 5 years of graphic design, video & photo editing experience, I also have great experience and knowledge of marketing and advertising, social media and analytics.

What I do
design & branding.

I specialise in creating rebrands, mockups, UI/UX design, logo design & more. I am skilled in using most, if not all, industry standard software such as Photoshop, Sketch, & Illustrator. Refer to my cv for a comprehensive list.


More recently I have developed advertising platforms that close the gap between influencers and advertisers. I have worked on marketing  panels that help track analytics, show statistics and enable the purchasing of ads. On a design level I develop UI's and user experiences mainly using Sketch and Principle.

web development.

Strongpoints include: HTML/CSS & Wordpress (and most other well known CMS'). I can create, install, update, modify & redesign websites, as well as implement systems such as payment gateways, LMS' & CMS'.

social media.

I own and run very strong and engaging social media networks spread across Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram & Snapchat.

video work.

Video editing was one of my first hobbies. I am skilled in Adobe software such as After Effects & Premier Pro - not forgetting Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and DaVinci Resolve. In my spare time I enjoy producing video content for YouTube channels, and personal use - utilising my camera gear or software listed above.

advertising & marketing.

Following my passion in this area, I have worked at Gingernut Media, and other agencies including PunkPig Media. I also worked for an educational charity project, The Mayflower. I regularly work with companies and influencers to achieve successful ad compaigns and I have the ability to provide advertisers and companies an impression reach of over 183 million people via twitter alone.

some ventures

main company


viral news & media site


marketing & advertising



memorable clients