social media

a short overview of my network, milestones & experience


Twitter was where I started to get involved in social media seriously. It is where I've had my most success, and my largest accounts.

I have owned, managed & co-owned accounts and networks totaling over 4million followers, with a combined reach of nearly half a million.

Some accounts I have managed, owned & created

@FriendsTVids - 150k+

@ComicFeeling - 100k+

@IncompIeted 80k+

@EXPRESlVE - 23k+

@FidgetSpniner - 28k+

@DeepSkylines - 10k+

Edit: Some accounts have been removed due to security reasons or they have been sold.


Accounts I have started, managed & ran

Instagram has been a consistent journey of prosper and success for me and my accounts. My network has a reach of over 3 million and constantly growing. Like my Twitters, I try and monetise them in the best way possible, whilst making sure I'm not annoying my followers when they see posts. I find Instagram the most easiest and effective to advertise on, as the peope I work with are usually e-commerce stores that sell product that somehow always manage to relate to my accounts genre.

An example of this is one of my new accounts, @Astrologypics, getting a lot of promotional deals with online stores that sell zodiac themed bracelets, posters & clothing.

If you would like to see my Instagram account portfolio, or find out any more info, please contact me.


YouTube accounts are one of my favourite types of accounts to run and manage. The platform has always interested me, to the point where I actully started my own YouTube MCN Network in partnership with Musc Nations.

Over the years it has become very profitable and has been a very sustainable venture. The accounts partnered with my MCN range from vloggers, gamers & most popular generes of channels that come to mind.

Personally, I have ran a few channels. My first was a tech focusing channel, started when I was only in primary school. Back in the day, it would have been classed as fairly big due to the view count ranging from 75,000 views to a total of over 140,000.

In 2017, I decided to get back into it. YouTube had changed a lot since the good old days, some would argue. I decided to make parody mashups of YouTube stars reacting to videos using the video editing software I have been using for years.

To my surprise, it got very big and I had a few viral videos, some getting over 3 MILLION VIEWS. From when I started it till March 2017, I gathered over 14.5 Million Total Views on the videos.

Check the Socialblade HERE

Tumblr - Vibe/Aesthetic

Tumblr is a very large, popular and engaging platform for influencers and general consumers alike. Growing accounts on there can be very, very difficult but advertising on there can be insanely effective and the you really can generate some quality results. I am lucky enough to be able to own an 'OG' (rare, short & popular username) tumblr account, whilst pairing that with over 100,000 followers in my network.

For any more info, please contact me.