Content producing, articles & publication sites


When I started getting into creating websites, my first venture was building a general news site. I would be on the look out for engaging and exciting stories that I thought my friends would click on and not be disappointed. Since then, I have started and helped run many online news/article sites. These sites range from news websites to 'buzz' articles which include user-engaging content such as quizzes and quirky content.


I started the first site around 2012 (about 6 years ago!) and it was a general news website but also included some local news too. That site would soon become 'Flamboyant Ent' and in 2014 I started taking it very seriously. I made sure my writing was always on point, and purchased a domain to make the articles more user friendly. It did very well locally. After a few years, I moved to a new site (Around The Web) and began treating this like a full-time job. I began implementing SEO and various helpful plugins to make sure the site was as sharable as possible. I invested in a good Wordpress setup and a sleek and modern theme and things seemed to take off instantly. Soon after, I managed to get enough clicks to get myself a few ad deals and before I knew it, I had monetised my first news site. I would cover worldwide news including pop culture, politics, tech and other related subjects. As things were still growing well, I saw the uprise in content coming from sites such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, Unilad and more. I saw how engaging the content was and instantly started working on my own. At first I split ATW into two sites, the new site being small articles for a quick read. After that, there were a few versions of my rendition of this sort of site, all had different names but I finally got everything in place and the next site to join my collection would be Again, this site proved to be popular and generated some good traffic and I decided to let anyone sign up and post an article on the site. I wanted to encourage more people my age to get experience in this field, which gave me the idea to recruit some people to write for the site whenever they could. Toastymag had 5 writers in total! Most recently, I made a sub-site called Toastymag Butter which is like a bitesize version of Toastymag.


Being involved in running and creating these sites has given me almost daily access to top level, industry standard CMS and SEO software to learn, experience and utilise. I would definitely say I'm very confident in most, if not all, commonly used SEO packages and CMS'.